Plant Growth Regulator Manangement

Plant Growth Regulator Manangement

Plant growth regulators, are synthetic substances that are similar to natural plant hormones. They are used to regulate the growth of plants and are important measures to ensure agricultural production.

PGRs can alter the growth of a specific part of the plant or of the overall plant in general. They are useful for encouraging fruit or flower production—or, for killing or restricting undesired plants.

Overall if you see in important stages of crop development like flowering stage, fruit stage and also after harvesting we can use PGR’s for various purposes. Lets understand how to do Plant Growth Regulator management in various crops.

Why to use PGR’s?

  • To successfully integrate PGRs into your maintenance program, it’s important to carefully balance the cost of the application with the anticipated savings in maintenance. PGRs are often economical choice.
  • Using PGRs to improve plant appearance or health, or improve establishment during overseeding, can be difficult to quantify in dollars and cents, and can be more of a judgment call based on agronomic and aesthetic considerations. By contrast, an application that reduces trimming (of a long hedge, to use one example) may be a clear-cut labor-saver.

Benefits of using PGR’s :

  • With help of PGR development of any particular part of plant or whole crop is possible.
  • Application of PGR’s can be beneficial in flowering and fruiting stage.
  • It is possible to control the growth of weeds or complete removal with help of PGR.
  • It boost the fruiting stage which helps in better size of fruit.
  • PGR’s helps in better quality of output which ultimately reflects in profit.


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