50 Benefits Of Using Mulching

50 Benefits Of Using Mulching

Indian farmers are adopting various adavance techniques in agriculture. Use of mulching paper is one of them. Use of mulching paper is one of them. 50 Benefits of using mulching is article about the benefits of mulching paper.

  1. It helps in weed control.
  2. Reduce the use of water till 50%.
  3. It helps in growth of micro organisms available in soil.
  4. It improves fertility of soil.
  5. Enhance the quality of soil.
  6. Absorbes the humidity from air.
  7. Makes availability of Nytrogen.
  8. Gears up the speed of decomposition as per level of protein.
  9. Converts soil more live.
  10. With mulching of matured plants, young plants also get decompose quickly.vedant-agri-risee1
  11. It generates growth regulators in soil.
  12. It starts important activity in soil.
  13. Plants get good nutrietion.
  14. Stabilize the carbon in soil.
  15. Make plants more healthy.
  16. Decomposes unwanted particles available in soil.
  17. It prevents plants from diceases.
  18. Controls all biological and chemical reaction happens in soil.
  19. Formats ‘Humous’ in soil.
  20. Levels the ratio of Carbon and Nytrogen in soil.
  21. Mulching helps Dicote and Monocote crops.
  22. It provides available nutritons from soil to plant.
  23. Stops soil erosion.
  24. Due to mulching number of earth warm increses in soil, which ultimately helps soil.
  25. Improves level of organic carbon available in soil.
  26. Decomposes the roots of inter-crops faster.
  27. It saves the solar energy in soil
  28. It improves photo synthesis level of plant.
  29. Improves sugar level in plant.
  30. Speeds up germination of seeds.
  31. Improves in yield.
  32. Provides required temperature for germination of seed.
  33. Help plants in draught like situation.
  34. Protects plant from various diceses.
  35. Improves water conservation level of soil.
  36. Controlls salt level.
  37. With support of this fruit crops get good result.
  38. Maintains the heat level of air.
  39. Protects soil from unwanted rays.
  40. Makes plant more stronger.
  41. Improves the strength of soil.
  42. Impacts on biological process.
  43. Enhances the quality and taste of product.
  44. Provides the humidity available in air to roots.
  45. Protects soil from getting salty.
  46. Keeps the soil healthy.
  47. Maintains the acidic level of soil.
  48. Makes soil more healthy, which reflects on plants.
  49. Contorls the gravity force available in soil.
  50. Makes soil ready for resowing.

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