Green Gram – Pre sowing technology

Green Gram – Pre sowing technology

Green Gram is one of the important crop of Maharashtra. It has largest cultivation land as well as production all over India. Especially in Karif Green gram is usually take as mixed crop or inter cropping with Jowar, Cotton and Groundnut. In this article we will focus on Green Gram – Pre sowing technology.

Land : Any land with good water drainage capacity is suitable for this crop. Land with medium and heavy soil structure are the best for Green Gram cultivation.

Weather : Hot weather with temperature between 21 degree to 35 degree helps for better growth of this crop. Raining zone with 750 to 900 m.m is ideal for Green Gram. But extreme cold doesn’t suit to this crop.

Pre cultivation : It is essential to do ploughing with iron plough and friable the soil.

Bacterial Promoters : Seed treatment with Rayjobium can help in 15-20% production growth.

Seed Treatment : In planting stage Green Gram faces root rot problem. To avoid this it is advisable to do seed treatment with fungicide like Thyrum or Bakwistin 3 gram for 1 K.g seeds.

Improved Variety : Varieties like ‘Jalgaon-781’ and ‘Kopargaon’ are very popular for Karif in Maharashtra. ‘ T.A.P. – 7’ the variety developed by Punjabrao Krushi Vidyapith – Akola and Bhabha Atomic Research Center gives 24% more production. Mahatma Krushi Vidyapith form Rahuri has developed special varieties like ‘S-8’ and ‘Pusa Vaishakhi’ for summer cultivation.

Sowing : For Karif start sowing for Green Gram as soon as rain (monsoon) starts. Do sowing with seed drill for sowing. Sow the seed 4c.m deep and keep distance of 30c.m. Use 12 to 15 K.g seeds per hectare. In Karif season it takes 60 to 70 days for harvesting. 25th October to 9 November is ideal timing for sowing of Green Gram in Rabbi season and harvesting period is 110 days. For summer cultivation of Green Gram it is advisable to do sowing in March first week and harvesting time is 60-65 days.

Ref : Agriculture Department – Maharashtra State

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